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The first time ever I got properly spanked, it was by a real expert. Many had slapped me on the buttocks, sometimes just for fun, sometimes to make a point of how adventurous they were in bed. This was a different game, as I had hoped it would be. I was curious to see where my threshold was, and even more curious to perhaps feel the energy around it which I had heard of but never really experienced.

I had the good fortune to meet someone whose air and water was a blushed female bottom across his lap. Christopher was the one who for me defined the difference between a kink and a fetish. Some people may love giving a good spanking, but I’m certain he needed it. For entertainment, to function in daily life, and sex – I honestly don’t think he had sex of any form without at least some spanking, I even doubt he’d be able to. He was the first man whose eyes I saw changing from blue-green to almost black when he let go and slipped into the depth of desire; scary and unbelievably exciting. It got me hooked, and it’s been a slippery slope ever since …

When Christopher introduced himself in the gym sauna, his intentions were so clear he nearly made me laugh. Then I realised I had been to boxercise and wasn’t wearing any rings. Very handsome, very fit, confident, sexy, incredibly charming. Please don’t blame me for staying in the heat until I had to leave not to faint; the game was too flattering and enjoyable. When I stumbled back into the bright, cold world outside the steam room, the good-looking man had explained how I could find him on the web…

This was an excerpt from Tough Love – available for kindle pre-order HERE (other formats & print coming for pre-order shortly!)




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