Meeting my Master

An excerpt from “Tough Love – the true story of my submissive adventures”:
“I sat down in a black leather chair. He offered me red wine and looked relaxed as he asked me how my week had been. We chatted about life and what we’d been up to, until he stopped listening and stared with darkening eyes at me.
I fell silent and put my wine glass down at the same time as he said, ‘Stand up, I want to look at you.’ I obeyed, lowering my gaze. He still sat down, with his chin in his hand as he took command. ‘Good girl. Now, you came to me for me to take you, to use you. You will be my slut. Do you understand?’
‘Yes, thank you.’
‘Did you get horny from my messages? Do you want me to hurt you and use you the way I described, slut?’
I sighed deeply, but it was starting to sound very good. He didn’t give a bad impression; he was taking his time, not ambushing me but testing the waters to see if I was what he was hoping I’d be. ‘Yes, I want to, Sir.’
‘Good. Let’s see how well you can serve me.’
With some effort, he stood up from the chair and walked around me, coming to stand behind me as he started to speak. ‘You have come here, you have asked me to tie you up and fuck you hard. I will do. And you will beg me.’
‘Yes, Sir.’ I thought Sir sounded a bit lighter than Master. Stephen came up closer, and rested his palms lightly on my shoulders as he started whispering in my left ear. ‘You’re mine now. I do what I want with you and you will serve me, be my slut, and submit to everything I ask of you. Do you understand?’ Almost never before had I fallen so abruptly into the rabbit hole, down the waterfall into the depth. His low pitch of voice, slow enunciation, choice of words – it was all like typing a secret code to my submissive desire. I couldn’t see him, I could only hear his words taking me over, invading my mind, and I was gone. ”
If this is to your taste, you can read more here

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