The discussions I’ve had and a video of women with a Centaur fetish

kj white tour

I’ve had the strangest discussions since I published the book and started blogging. Most fun, some genuinely interesting, and a few outright weird ones.

One young German wanted to discuss politics, but it quickly deteriorated, to which he burst out: “But you’re no right-wing extremist!!” as if this was an insult. It turned out that the red-white-black imagery of the book cover had made him automatically assume I was one of “his group”. I patiently explained that to others, red-black with a bit of white symbolises BDSM. He was as appalled at that as I was at the political connotations.

Otherwise, the most top common responses I type are:

“No unsolicited pics, please”

“Sorry, I’m not a pro”

“Never ask a lady her age!”

“No, sorry, I don’t share pics privately/do webcamming”

I have also learned about fetishes I had no idea existed – which is very unusual, as I generally assume that if it is a concept, there is a fetish for it. And the person who is attracted to having sex with a certain type of food (yes, actually intercourse with the particular food) feels as strongly about it as does the more common foot-fetishist and any vanilla person in love feels about fucking their partner, no kink involved. It’s humbling to hear the stories of how judged a person can feel if the fetish happens to be one which is generally ridiculed. Any type of sex can be really fun and satisfying with consenting partners (and in the case of the food, I don’t think there was psychological trauma involved). Watch this short film about women with a Centaur-fetish.

It does happen that I get messages from people wanting advice (see my advice on three in the bedroom from earlier), which I like. Particularly if it’s from newbies who are curious but a bit wary to get involved in non-monogamy/BDSM/swinging. I feel happy for them taht there’s this whole world out there for them to discover, and the bottomless joy, pleasure and energy they’ll be able to explore when they take the step.

Keep it coming, let me know what you thought of the book, and how living and loving a bit more freely has contributed to your life! Happy Saturday, everyone.



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