Unsung heroes pt 1: Myles Jackman may save your job and your reputation

This man may save your life as you know it. If you’re like me, for sexual freedom and personal expression, he’s the best friend you may have, and you don’t even know it.

In the UK, you can end up in court if  a friend sends you a joke. In this case, the joke unfortunately was a short video of a woman having sex with a tiger, and as possessing bestiality porn is illegal in England, the recipient was charged. Except that the “tiger” was a man dressed as one, commenting into the camera towards the end. The recipient who had no idea what the video was, still had to face court proceedings – what a nightmare way to ruin someone’s life.

You may have heard that UK indecency laws nowadays forbids porn including such acts as queening, fisting and some forms of spanking. Frankly, that’s ridiculous. In art, there is  a grey zone – see Village Hall and The Thirteen Sins by Troupe of Slaves, a favourite of mine, which is a clever commentary through art on UK decency laws. A pron movie featuring similar content would be a crime to shoot in London tonight.

So who is speaking on behalf of us perverts and deviants when we’re at risk of losing custody battles, court cases and reputations? Myles Jackman. He’s our hero. He has and will continue to make the world a less intolerant hostile place. Thank you, Mr Jackman.

myles j

You should visit his site here.

image: http://www.mylesjackman.com/



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