Unsung heroes pt2: Miss Kim Rub

The unsung heroine Miss Kim Rub: The undisputed queen of the London club scene, but so much more…


She’s run Club Rub for nearly 20 years, in fact, its swansong will be its 20 year anniversary in April 2017. She’s also done invaluable service to the education, creativity and inspiration on the scene, and will luckily continue to for a long time through her more recent venture: Rubber Cult, educational workshops, free fetish speed dating, twitter news watch, themed events (such as her excellent wax play workshop at Sexhibition last month).


I’ve had the fortune to meet her, both out and about and as a student in one of her workshops. She was kind enough to flatter my partner and me with how much she enjoyed our session when she saw us in a club, and encouragement and praise is always welcome when you’re covered in sweat, come, red hot cane strokes and burning rope marks. In her teaching, she generously shares her experience, tips and ideas to everyone regardless of gender, age, level of existing skill and background. She comes across as a good fairy and a force for the better in a scene which could be so much less kind, fun and mischievous without her. She doesn’t charge more than she has to for any of her events, and she is admirably generous towards newcomers.

The London BDSM world would be so much poorer without her. Many of us know of her, but she deserves a medal for her tireless work. If it would be in any other area of society, she’d be Dame Kim or Kim Rub OBE by now.

From me and my friends, I can only express my admiration and gratitude.

Thank you.

Twitter handle: @KimClubRub

You can listen to an interview with Miss Kim from the podcast Masocast here.

Picture from http://www.sexhibitionexpo.co.uk


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