Unsung heroes pt3: Carsie Blanton, on Casual Love

Unsung heroes pt 3: Carsie Blanton – my Casual Love heroine


Carsie is a sex-positive blogger, witty singer-songwriter, talented performer and one of my gurus. You see, if your gurus are all old men with white beards, you’ve missed something. I love having a young, blunt, unconventional woman as a guru, who can teach me about life, love and music.

I love her music – like Backbone, about wanting someone who’s got integrity and self-awareness, not just swagger and a hot bod (although that’s always nice…)

or this one: Smoke Alarm about not giving a fuck about what others say most of the time (including not thinking too hard before spending a night with someone we fancy)

But for me, what has made a big difference is her blog on Casual Love; that we should allow ourselves to love and be loved a little more generously than most of us do today. It’s made an enormous difference to how I view love, sex and relationships. Read it here, it may just make your world that tiny bit brighter and lovelier. I have been known to say “I love you in a Carsie Blanton way”, meaning happily, without expectations or any trajectory. Just appreciating the moment we have together, nothing more, nothing less.

While you read and open your mind to more love, listen to her latest album, So Ferocious, and consider supporting a young guru with a beautiful soul.

I love you in a Carsie Blanton way.



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