Unsung heroes pt4: John Baku – father of FetLife

Unsung hero of the day: John Baku (on right, here w James Golick, ex-CTO of FetLife)


“Do you know John Baku?” was proposed as the secret handshake of us kinksters, referring to the father of FetLife, who all of us should thank, but few know the name of.

The community he created has brought loners together, made freaks feel better about themselves and contributed to increasing the pleasure (and pain) level in the world. My life certainly would have been bleaker without his work. The orgasms I’ve had and tears I have shed thanks to the universe he created and its inhabitants are uncountable.


FetLife is not a dating site, which I personally find equally liberating and frustrating depending on mood, but a community of kinksters. Just like any other community counting millions of members, there are issues and seriously dodgy people, but the creativity, openness, quirkyness and fright factor (in a good way) is incredible. Allegedly there are many fake profiles and a fair amount of misrepresentation going on, but  we’re talking about adult members on an adult-themed online forum, so drama and disappointment is to be expected if you don’t watch out.

Personally, I can’t recommend it enough – use your judgement and think twice, and you could have the time of your life. I’ve met the most amazing people, some of whom have changed the course of my existence forever, and some who have just been a good laugh, shag or dreadful date. John Baku has made everything a little more colourful, made me feel good in so many ways and bad in a few. There’s so much I wouldn’t have known about myself or what’s possible in the real world if it hadn’t been for FetLife.

Come and say hello – I’m KateJuliaWhite and you can easily find me… Thanks for hosting me, John!



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