Feminist submission and misogyny…

Feminist submission and misogyny…

A friend sent me a link to the article “Feminist Submission” – a good read but over-complicating things a little in my view…. On the other hand, misogyny is on the rise in the US after the election. Miss Liberty in (poorly executed, admittedly) bondage looks confused…

libertytied I haven’t really had the contradiction issue so many women describe “how can I be a strong woman and enjoy…” – I’ve always thought I just do and I don’t really see any problem or conflict there. On the contrary, it’s easier to be strong and lead when there’s a safe space to feel vulnerable, taken care of and not have to make all the decisions.

I think too many female subs especially reasonably self-aware and independent ones don’t realise how precious they are and what power they have to choose partners and level of engagement. And the election doesn’t make that easier for anyone, BDSM or not. It just comes out more clearly in this environment as there is so much more scope for it to go wrong and men to abuse women while assuming they’re in the right.

There are asshole Doms, always have been, lots of them. The difference now is their life is just getting easier. More for the community to help keep in check. And for female subs to watch out for.

The most important thing is to realise that for a woman who wants to engage in this way with a man/men; leaving one opportunity on the table doesn’t deplete the ocean of better ones available. It’s not like trying to find someone to marry or even to build a friendship with, there will be a million chances to play and it is not urgent. There is no season here…

My 2p… Happy weekend!




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