London Fetish Weekend…

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Unsung heroes pt2: Miss Kim Rub

The unsung heroine Miss Kim Rub: The undisputed queen of the London club scene, but so much more…


She’s run Club Rub for nearly 20 years, in fact, its swansong will be its 20 year anniversary in April 2017. She’s also done invaluable service to the education, creativity and inspiration on the scene, and will luckily continue to for a long time through her more recent venture: Rubber Cult, educational workshops, free fetish speed dating, twitter news watch, themed events (such as her excellent wax play workshop at Sexhibition last month).


I’ve had the fortune to meet her, both out and about and as a student in one of her workshops. She was kind enough to flatter my partner and me with how much she enjoyed our session when she saw us in a club, and encouragement and praise is always welcome when you’re covered in sweat, come, red hot cane strokes and burning rope marks. In her teaching, she generously shares her experience, tips and ideas to everyone regardless of gender, age, level of existing skill and background. She comes across as a good fairy and a force for the better in a scene which could be so much less kind, fun and mischievous without her. She doesn’t charge more than she has to for any of her events, and she is admirably generous towards newcomers.

The London BDSM world would be so much poorer without her. Many of us know of her, but she deserves a medal for her tireless work. If it would be in any other area of society, she’d be Dame Kim or Kim Rub OBE by now.

From me and my friends, I can only express my admiration and gratitude.

Thank you.

Twitter handle: @KimClubRub

You can listen to an interview with Miss Kim from the podcast Masocast here.

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A real woman, writing about real sex

A real woman, writing about real sex – who would have thought this was so rare and shocking. But it is. I issued my true tale of kinky sex this summer.

tough love

My real life story of exciting, sexy nights in London and beyond must be unusual given the comments and messages I have had. I’m not sure if that’s because few women live as I do, or if no-one else writes as candidly about it. I suspect it’s the former, actually. But looking at the Amazon reviews (one 5 star, two 4 star), it’s as exciting to read as it was to experience…

Judge for yourself, and see what you think! you can find the book here.

Have a fun sexy weekend!


Unsung heroes pt 1: Myles Jackman may save your job and your reputation

This man may save your life as you know it. If you’re like me, for sexual freedom and personal expression, he’s the best friend you may have, and you don’t even know it.

In the UK, you can end up in court if  a friend sends you a joke. In this case, the joke unfortunately was a short video of a woman having sex with a tiger, and as possessing bestiality porn is illegal in England, the recipient was charged. Except that the “tiger” was a man dressed as one, commenting into the camera towards the end. The recipient who had no idea what the video was, still had to face court proceedings – what a nightmare way to ruin someone’s life.

You may have heard that UK indecency laws nowadays forbids porn including such acts as queening, fisting and some forms of spanking. Frankly, that’s ridiculous. In art, there is  a grey zone – see Village Hall and The Thirteen Sins by Troupe of Slaves, a favourite of mine, which is a clever commentary through art on UK decency laws. A pron movie featuring similar content would be a crime to shoot in London tonight.

So who is speaking on behalf of us perverts and deviants when we’re at risk of losing custody battles, court cases and reputations? Myles Jackman. He’s our hero. He has and will continue to make the world a less intolerant hostile place. Thank you, Mr Jackman.

myles j

You should visit his site here.



Three reasons sex-obsessed and kinky people look better than vanillas…

Three reasons sex-obsessed and kinky people look better than vanillas…


Yes, it’s true, my empirical research (never said it was scientific!) shows that kinky people are better looking than vanillas. There are three reasons.

  1. Meeting new friends, lovers and people whose path would never have crossed yours is a good thing, and you have the chance to understand more definitions of beauty than the standard narrative will ever let you. Being open-minded and trying new things after your peers have solidified into “I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ll like it” helps you be an inspirational person. You will find more beauty and sexiness in the world if you let it in.
  2. You care about how you look – because maybe someone may actually be attracted and agree to sleep with you. If you take care of yourself and have self-respect, it works. Confidence is sexy. Get out there, leverage the advantages God gave you. Good shoulders? Cute ass? Sexy laughter? You don’t need to be tall and blonde. I’m not, and yet I’ve just written a book about the amazing sex I’ve had. In graphic detail.
  3. Having exciting sex makes you happy, and it shows. Sex and especially kinky sex should be just like a roller coaster [with a delighted shriek]: “Oh God, this is almost scary, what’s going to happen?!” “I can’t believe this is happening!!” followed by lots of happy screaming and panting… And afterwards your knees are jelly and you cling to your partner: “Let’s do it again! Now!”. Think about how adorable, excited and filled with energy kids are after a great roller coaster ride. You look irresistible after you have just had a fabulous shag.

Happy weekend, everyone. A big kiss to you!